"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

COMIN project

Community Initiatives are launched by committed, cooperative, enduring and ready to fight people and communities. Our program, Com’In!, aims to open the door to such initiatives.


Com’In! is the abbreviation of COMmunity INitiatives. Community initiatives mean grassroots ideas deriving from small, local communities. It is crucial to support these initiatives, since they often provide a cost of living, economic and social development, sustainability and the feeling of togetherness for members of the certain group. Launching and operating such pilots serve a lot more than just realizing a good idea.


At Cromo Foundation we put big emphasis on supporting such ideas by offering our professional expertise. As a member of the Hungarian NGO sector and by supporting other NGOs with organizational development services, we gained first-hand experience in obstacles and difficulties that newly initiated projects face. The organization developers and trainers of Cromo Foundation have years of experience both in the non-profit and the for profit sector, which assure that we offer professional client-shaped services.

Our aim is to build a network to help connect initiators sharing similar ideas and visions.


COM`IN - Community Initiatives in Nograd and Baranya

Cromo Foundation has launched its project with the title: COM`IN - Community Initiatives in Nograd and Baranya financed by the NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grant on 5th of September 2013.


About the projects


Goal of the ComIns project is to strengthen the role of the target groups in the given regions of Hungary via capacity building of Roma NGOs dealing with advocacy and lobby.

Further objective is to increase the knowledge of roma’s issues and organizations via solving local problems with local resources and effective communication.

Cromo as an expert in community initiatives performs 15 and 5 capacity building projects for organizations/informal groups in Nógrád County and Baranya County, respectively. Participants cover a wide range of activities and scopes. Organizations and communities obtain different trainings and ComIn solutions according to their organization levels and aims.

Methodology development of community initiatives as well as enlargement of the number of experts are starting in Baranya County and Nógrád County.  A portal for methodologies and instructions propagating ComIns is created. 5 community initiatives are realized. Curriculum and training film, novel training forms and materials are produced.  As a result of the project, improvement of the facilitator group, expansion of the problem solution toolkit, stabilized groups and organizations, strengthened relationships among partners and somewhat reorganized local civil sector are expected.


Professional indicators of "ComIns in Nógrád and Baranya"

In general, the most important professional engagements of Cromo Foundation are as follows

  • Strategy of our service, project communication and publicity policy will be prepared.
  • 10 facilitators will be trained during the project.
  • A bilingual ComIn portal will be developed, where community initiatives projects fulfilled in Hungary or Eastern/Central Europe will be presented both in Hungarian and English. Publication of 20 initiatives both for Hungary and neighbouring countries is tackled for the year 2014.
  • A workshop will be held concerning the project methodology, and an event will be organized in order to share experiences for at least 30 participants.
  • Homepage of Gémkapocsháló will be improved. 
  • A partnership manual as well as an online training handbook will be prepared and shared with our partners and trainers.


Baranya County

  • Development of 5 organizations.
  • Participation of 5 organizations in media communication development.
  • 1 Agora Day at least with 25 participants.
  • Status reports (3) at target regions.
  • Support of implementation of 1 community initiative in the county. 

Nógrád County

  • Development of 15 organizations.
  • Participation of 15 organizations in media communication development.
  • 2 Agora Days at least with 50 participants
  • Status reports (7) at target regions.
  • Support of implementation of 5 community initiative in the county. 

About ComIns

ComIn’s workers represent communities of committed, cooperative, enduring and ready to fight people (ComIns).

Description of community initiatives is in this section


ComIn Portal

Description of methodologies for community initiatives and of a website for expert data bases is found in this section.