"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Carrier orientation training

Career orientation consultants are successively trained.

We have performed our first training for career orientation consultants. There will be possibilities to participate in this training of 30 hours during this year.

A key element of the project (TÁMOP-2.2.2-12/1-2012-0001) entitled “Development of the content and methodology of the system of career orientation” is a Career Orientation Consultant Education and National Career Orientation Portal training planned for 4,000 people and based on blended learning method.

From Cromo, Miklós Dániel Földi will be a trainer of the project.


Importance of the training

Individuals can choose a career/profession/work for his/her entire life or a stage of life corresponding to individuals’ interest and capabilities having as wide information as possible. This process is supported by career orientation services in order to choose schools, educational forms and careers according to the own personality of individuals. The career orientation consultant helps to solve problems of career orientation and career building by target oriented and problem solving steps. During the training, you will know the basis of theoretical and practical elements of the career orientation, tools and well-practices of the career consultation, as well as possibilities for supporting career orientation and career building offered by National Career Orientation Portal (NPP). The training ensures that you, as a future career orientation consultant, will be able to properly use communication and conflict management techniques, to apply basic forms, methods and techniques of the career orientation consultation, to plan and perform the process of consultation, to provide instructions for issues related to learning and working, as well as to apply NPP.

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