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TIDE Project

TIDE (Towards Inclusive Development Education) project: 01.04.2013 - 30.09.2015


We are glad to announce that from 1st April the Cromo Foundation has become a partner in an international EU-funded (EuropeAid) development education project called TIDE. Project partners come from five European countries (Belgium, United Kingdom, Finland, Hungary and Italy). The purpose of TIDE is to raise awareness among young people with intellectual disabilities and multidisabilities about interdependent world and sustainable lifestyle. Young people will be encouraged to participate in debate concerning human rights and equal opportunities. Finally, the project strives to promote these issues also on European Union level. As a result of the project, it is expected that the consortium develops accessible methods, tools and materials. Furthermore, the project intends to raise awareness among professionals and educators by creating a large network of stakeholders.


Our partners are:


- ÉFOÉSZ (Értelmi Fogyatékossággal Élők és Segítőik Országos Érdekvédelmi Szövetsége), 


- Learning Disability Wales (UK): http://www.learningdisabilitywales.org.uk/


- Associazione Italiana Assistenza Spastici Provincia di Bologna Onlus (IT): http://www.aiasbo.it/


- COSPE (IT): http://www.cospe.it/cospe/old/index.php


- CYFANFYD (UK): http://www.cyfanfyd.org.uk/


- FAIDD (FIN): http://www.kehitysvammaliitto.fi/in-english/homepage/


- EASPD (B): http://www.easpd.eu/


More information on the project you can find on the official TIDE website: http://www.tideproject.eu/



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