"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Get involved

We are open to receive those, who are interested in training, organization development in the frame of volunteer work. If you join, we provide you with the opportunity of continuous learning, ready to use know-how, based on practice, and personal development program in case of long-term cooperation.


The list of tasks, which can be carried out voluntarily

Projects realised in form of trainings

Elaboration of training syllabus

  • Preliminary market research, information collection, needs assessment (via internet, e-mail, phone)
  • Creating bibliography and webography on the topic
  • Taking part in the development of the syllabus of the trainings


  • Market research
  • Managing and maintaining client database
  • Managing, maintaining external trainer and expert database and contact-keeping

Organizing and realizing the trainings

  • Correspondence, contact with the location, the participants, trainers
  • Participation as assistant in the training, helping the trainer’s work

Activities related to the Citizen’s Jury Meeting method (CJM)

Taking part in the development of the project plans aiming at the further dissemination of the CJM in Hungary.

Taking part in the realization of current projects based on CJM

  • Field work (collecting information, interviewing in the target communities)
  • Participation as assistant at conferences
  • Managing press contacts (database controlling, keeping contact)

Organization development field

Participation as assistant in the ongoing organization development projects

  • Opportunity to have an insight on the operation of the target organization
  • Getting to know the process of the organization development, experiencing it in the practice
  • Taking part in the documentation, research and other preparatory tasks of the process

Grant applications

  • Participating in the elaboration of tender conceptions
  • Writing grant proposals
  • Planning the projects
  • Searching calls for grant applications

What do we offer?

  • The opportunity of continuous learning and the related feedbacks
  • Ready to use know-how, based on practice
  • Tailor-made personal coaching program in case of long-term cooperation

The relation of the organization and volunteer (contract)

We treat volunteers as equal to the employees. According to this we make a contract which regulates:

  • the scope of duties,
  • the responsibilities,
  • the timeframe of work,
  • the reporting obligations,
  • the ethical and data security principles to be kept.

Who are we seeking?

If any of the below mentioned suits you, we can find you the appropriate volunteer work:

  • Working independently
  • Team player
  • Researcher attitude, having scientific interest
  • NGO interest
  • Strong computer skills (word processing, spreadsheets, internet)
  • Sociable, establishing contacts easily
  • Social sensitivity

We are waiting for the application of those who are willing to cooperate with us.

Please, send your CV to info[at]cromo[dot]hu.