"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Who we are

Cromo – as indicated by its name – works with a wide, polychromatic spectrum of staff. Trainers have various qualifications – from social sciences through management to natural sciences – and have various types of professional experiences, thus competent colleagues work in training and other programs with our partners and training participants.


Staff members

  • Ildikó Simon, board president, tutor, trainer
  • Zsófia Tornóczi, program director, tutor, trainer
  • Zsuzsa Szokola, office manager, training organizer
  • Gábor Kuna, projekt coordinator, tutor, trainer
  • Zoltán Konkoly, tutor, trainer
  • Viktória Drinóczky, tutor, trainer
  • Miklós Dániel Földi, tutor, trainer
  • Zsuzsanna Majoros, project coordinator
  • Máté Hajdu, project coordinator
  • Zsolt Szarvas, tender coordinator
  • Eta Simon, project assistant
  • Flóra Hegedűs, volunteer
  • Ágnes Takács, junior clerk


Board President: Ildikó Simon 
Board Members: Norbert Vitéz, dr. Mihály Nyilas, Mrs. Etelka Kézy 
Supervisory Board Members: József Solymossy, Zoltán Gábriel
Home page and design: Wirecorner support
Accountant: E-counting