"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Open training program

Cromo Foundation offers comprehensive two-day long training program for representatives of NGOs, for active members of local communities and for everybody having interest in order to be able to use the Citizens’ Jury Method which is perfectly suitable for addressing residents, local communities and any other target groups to raise activity level and detect opinions. Training groups start on demand.

We all know how important is to reach a consensus between lots of different people in important questions. We have experienced how difficult is to convince the members of our community about our initiatives and/or to gain their support. Lots of us have suffered from debates pending for years, dividing our community, turning the members against each other. We have often seen bad-working public forums, public hearings that ha based on an agreement d ended in conflict.

The Citizens Jury Method gives solution based on agreement for the above problems by helping the members to give valid, established answer to a problem affecting everybody. The topic of the Jury can be the decision on an issue causing conflict, or for example, the elaboration of a strategy which affects the future, or the realization of a local initiative.

Further information: Zsófia Tornóczi, (06) 20/2986077


Cooperation opportunities in the future

Let’s organize together Citizens Jury!

Sometimes, contribution of a person coming from far outside is needed! We can recommend cooperation in the following fields:

  • Assisting in the realization and the planning of the small region’s development strategy.
  • Helping the NGOs working in the small region.
  • Managing specific projects.
  • Planning and managing programs which promotes sustainable development.

If you like to cooperate with Cromo in organizing and performing Citizens Jury in any region of Eurpope, please contact us!