"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Active Citizenship

With every possible means we must help to open up opportunites for more and more people to become a conscious citizen responsible for his/her decisions, environment and community instead of remaining a consumer, selfishly looking at individual goals and interests only.

Community development, local democracy building

Training programs on the Citizens Jury Meeting method since 2005

Our very important aim is not just use but spread and multiplicate our methods and experiences. Therefore we led several international training programs in Romania, Italy, Estonia, and Poland. We also regulary organise and lead training programs for the leaders and volunteers for hungarian non-governmental organisations.

Programs which came true:

2011 Törökszentmiklós - measuring needs:settlement development

2011 Sásd - more practical usage of the new House of Culture

2010 Six small and medium-sized settlements in Hungary: Baktalórántháza, Bátonyterenye, Heves, Kistelek, Sásd, Szécsény - forming the health plan of the settlement

2009-2010 Nyergesújfalu - measurement of residential satisfaction and needs regarding the client services of the offices

2009-2010 Gyöngyös – forming the local climate strategy

2009-2010 Adony – measurement of residential satisfaction and needs regarding the client services of the local government offices

2009 Csór – local waste management

2008 Pócsmegyer – solving the local illegal waste dumping

2008 Erdőkertes – local waste management

2008 Tordas – future planning of the settlement

Citizens Jury Meetings and future planning forums since 2005

We frequently organise and facilitate CJM forums and future palanning forums in local communities. We helped the citizens to get involved and formulate their opinions in several important issues, like illegal waste dumps, conflict ibetween the residents and newly settled ones, local turism development, infrastructural development, climate change, communication between the citizens and local authorities, and many others...

Study trip in Croatia, 2006

In April 2006 we went to study the local CJM on the invitation of our partner organization (Centar za Civilne Inicijative – CCI) We have summed up our experiences in a short study.

„Small, but strong”

In the framework of a project, which started in November 2004 and finished in August of 2005 we strengthened local democracy in four Hungarian settlements by helping the cooperation of the local inhabitants, NGOs, local entrepreneurs and the authorities via the conduction of the Citizens’ Jury Meeting, which set the objective of resolution of local problems.

Our partners: Danube-Bend Pilis Sub-region, South-Buda and Surroundings Sub-region, Tápió Area Region, Zsámbék Basin Region.

Supporter: Budapest Embassy of the USA, Small Grants Program.

The program contained the following actions:

  • A three-day-long training for NGOs in small regions, on strengthening organisational development and building capacity (15 participants).
  • A one-day training on how to organise Citizens’ Jury (15 participants)
  • Conducting one Citizens’ Jury Meeting in each settlement ( Diósd, Pócsmegyer, Pilisszentlászló, Tápiószele) making a consensus based decision on local issues, directed by our project coordinators, involving experts as lecturers from outside (30 participants on each settlement).
  • Handbook on organising and conducting Citizens’ Jury: Let’s Practice Democracy! – How to Organise Citizens’ Jury Meeting
  • Database on good practices of communitiy building and successfuly realised projects (researches, publications).

“Big Steps Towards Efficiency” Strengthening local democracy throughout Central and Eastern Europe and NIS countries

International training program about the methods streghtening local democracy and civil participation by the Citizens’ Jury Meeting method, December 2004.

Together, effectively

Four day long training for the members of the Youth Forum of Udvarhely facilitating the acquirement of democracy developing techniques and the organizational sustainability in May of 2005, Székelyudvarhely. (20 participants)

Supporter: National Nonprofit Fund.

Have your say!

Three day long training about the democracy techniques and the Citizens Jury for leaders of youth field NGOs and those dealing with young people, in November 2005, Hatvan. Supporter: Mobilitas Regional Youth Council of Central Hungary. (20 participants)