"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Experts trainings


We offer different training possibilities for experts working with underprivileged citizens.

The aim of this program is to ensure as successful and efficient way of working as possible for workers at social, education or health fields.


We offer this program for persons who

  • work with clients of social, education or health fields
  • work with groups of special needs and want to improve their different skills
  • want to improve their self-knowledge
  • face difficult situations in their job
  • struggle burnout
  • work with equal opportunities problems


Trainings improve knowledge and skills of assisting attitude and role as well as skills for empathy, managing stereotypes, managing workplace conflicts and using appropriate communication skills with groups of special needs.


Our trainings:

Communication with groups of special needs

Self-development, self-knowledge

Equal opportunities, sensitization, acceptance

Managing burnout

Managing aggression

Labour and health safety

Service group training