"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Skill development

Skills Development

When an organisation is developing, it is also necessary to help the contributors personal development as well. When structural changes occur, they may need personal support to successfully cope their challenges.


It is particularly important to help those employees who deal with clients with several serious problems (f.e. unemployment, lack of education, disabilities) on a daily basis. The Cromo Foundation offers skills development trainings for these experts in order to help them to stay motivated and work efficiently.



The supervision is a special form of counseling. The aim is to develop our professional competences with the assimilation of our personal experiences. The processing of concrete cases develops our skills of reflection, which is absolutely necessary for the effective learning and self development. 


This development tool instead of asking ‘how could this happen?’ rather concentrates on ‘what solution suits me best?’. We shouldn’t mix up coaching with mentoring, where a more experienced person supports a partner in skill and knowledge development; or with counseling, as the coach is not giving advices, but asking questions, observes, and the solution is chosen by the coachee, in order to turn it to action.