"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Community Initiatives

Community Initiatives

012 Felsőörs (Hungary)

The "Let's learn to help" training program's main aim was to introduce the strengths and opportunities of the self-help group method. The training program was placed in Felsőörs, Hungary, from the 11th of August until the 19th of August, 2012. Participants came from 8 countries (Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal).

The self-help group is a very effective way how to support people in problematic situations or suffering from long term problems (eg. drog, alcohol, behavioral problems, chronic diseases and unemployment). It is based on the mutual support, and has a strong self esteem developing effect through encouraging independency, responsibility, competence and activity. Although many youth organisations try to help target groups in difficult situations, the concept of self-help groups is not well known, and not used as widely as it should be.

The training program prepared the participants to organise, coordinate and support self-help groups with providing methodological knowledge, leadership skills, showing good examples and best practices.

Since all participating organizations work with youth target groups in difficult conditions and fewer opportunities, they were ready to learn new effective methods to help them, and share their experiences and best practices.

The project was financed by the European Union Youth in Action Programme 4.3.

You can read more articles about the project here: http://learntohelp.blog.hu/