"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Organisation Development

Organization Development

  • Hidden conflicts with among colleagues?
  • There are changes in your company and for this process you are looking for support services?
  • Are you starting up a project, which should work with the best management and collaboration tools?
  • Would you like to boost the relationship between the newly appointed managers and the staff?
  • Are there complex problems arising, which are often repeated within the company?
  • The individual colleagues or groups are not bringing you a quality change in the functions of the company, what you expected?

Choose our process-oriented development in service package!

Professional solution for a nonprofit price!

We provide complex development package including the following elements:


I. Needs assessment

Needs Assessment will be prepared by conducting individual interviews, electronic or online questionnaires, focus group sessions based on expectation of our customer representative: 

I.1. Electronic questionnaires

I.2. Focus group

I.3. Feedback and needs of customers and partners

Beyond these tools with the help of Customer Satisfaction Survey we gather feedback and expectations from the customers of the company.


II. Development program

II.1. Determination of Development Dimensions, Departure Picture

In the next phase we define Development Dimensions will be measured in the frame of Dimensional Survey what will lead first to Departure Picture as followings: 

  1. Points of views of participants will be involved in training and development process

2.  Points of views of leadership and management

  • 3Suggestions from Cromo trainers

Development Program including trainings will be set up and conducted based on these dimensions, methods will be justified according to needs of participants. 

II.2. Development program, Process Review Meetings

In the frame of Process Review Meetings we will focus on solutions of the mapped out difficulties by strengthen the positive drivers of the organization arrived from the surveys. 


III. Arrival Picture

III.1. Feedback and needs of customers and partners

Upon completing the Development Program we repeat the Dimensional Survey and come up with the Arrival Picture to introduce achievement sand results in numbers as well as customer Satisfaction Survey in order to provide and get reliable feedback about development.



III.2. Feedback Report

Each of the training program will be followed by Evaluation Report in which our customer will be constantly informed on the progress of the Development Program.

We offer a professional method for a nonprofit price.

Please contact our colleague for further details: Tornóczi Zsófia, tornoczi.zsofia[kukac]cromo.hu  +36 20 298-6077