"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Community Initiatives for corporates

ComIns for companies

We offer this program

for employees actively participating in society.


Aim of the program


Employees are able to accomplish community initiatives in their community.

ComIn is the abbreviation of Community Initiatives, and includes bottom-up ideas and actions making changes in the narrower or wider ambient based on strengths of the community.


Specific ComIns (choice is at companies)

MIMAGUNK (WE AND OURSELVES) – community building in schools with parents, students and teachers, generating projects, cooperation, development, improving inside and outside environment of the school.

Building Community Place – community centre in the settlement or district involving and coordinating local young people.

Future Search Workshop for Environment – civil planning methodology in environment protection (e.g., townscape planning, clean up groups, energy groups, selective waste collection, battery collection – any local environment protection).

Building and managing juvenile self-organizing group – organizing teenager group for a given area, discussing questions affecting teenagers, juvenile volunteer actions, improving the (social and built/natural) environment together.


Why are ComIns offered for employees?

ComIns are offered for employees and employers deeply committed to volunteership and making specific community actions in their ambient.

ComIns improve:

  • project management
  • leading and organizing
  • leading groups, problem solving and decision making in groups
  • cooperation
  • discussion and conflict management, facilitation
  • time management



1.      Basic training

3-day training with any time scaling

Participants: no more than 10



1.    Shortly about the ComIn selected, good examples, involving interesting presenters and qualified experts.  

2.      How to organize the ComIn?

3.      How to organize and coordinate the ComIn?

4.      How to communicate our action in the public media?


2.      Mentoring ComIn actions

Biweekly action discussion with participants about progressing, mentoring, case study, sharing experiences, further learning.

2-3-hour progress support discussion on the underlying work involving qualified experts.  


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