"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Pericles system

Pericles system (organizational panel)

We offer for
the whole employees’ sphere of a company. In case of large number of employees smaller units are advisable.

Project description:

The aim is to implement an organizational panel discussion at the clients and to teach the methodology via a process that mimics to “truth seeing day”.

Elements of the project:

step 0: Online questioner for status evaluation

step 1: Collecting and selecting questions and problems within the group

step 2: Training for participants having questions and problems

step 3: organizational panel discussion

step 4: online questioner for new status evaluation


The method contributes to social responsibility within and beyond the company raising active citizenship and commitment to democracy.


Duration of the project:

1 day + preparation and follow up: 1-1 day

Reasonableness of the project:

Employees are better prepared to participate in implementing a strategy partly prepared by their own intension. Our democracy technique at companies strengthens the acceptance of a newly introduced system (motivation system, achievement evaluation, CSR strategy) for employees, while provides leadership tools applicable in everyday work and improves competence for leaders.


Expected impacts of the project:

The company becomes to a model of democracy because employees perform as active citizens committed to their issues. The method guaranties that both the leaders and employees may introduce ideas and proposals (regardless of gender, age, power status).  Everybody can equally participate in preparing decision making and adopt consensus. The method ensures anonymity, hence leaders obtain real information and feedback. It also ensures equality of getting information, and so power inequalities decrease and new information channels evolve. Everybody can recognize areas and possibilities within the company according to his/her motivation due to a variety of inspiration forms and involvement of employees. Persons trained by Cromo (“representatives”) can use their theoretical and practical facilitator knowledge to increase efficacy and decrease conflicts in everyday situations. Hence, a joint decision making procedure develops that is closely related to establishing ethical business and equal opportunities.


Business benefits of the project in a narrower sense:

1        Improved working atmosphere, more efficient processes, clearer responsibilities

2        Better acceptance of a system or strategy to be introduced

3        Improved competencies and new skills of leaders after learning a new method


Business benefits of the project in a wider sense:

1.      Increasing appreciation of the company

2.      Decreasing fluctuation, better career model

3.      Renewal capability becomes to a value and the company represents a source of motivation.