"Success and effectiveness of a community or organisation depend on the skills and knowledge of its members, this can be developed."

Global Awareness programme

VILÁGos? – More than CSR, more than training


We offer for

·         Young/junior leaders at key positions

·         Persons working with clients and partners

·         Persons working in a multicultural environment

For groups willing to participate in programs for social and/or environmental sustainability.


Description of the project:

The aim of the workshop is to familiarize the workers in an interesting and interactive way with global topics, such as environment protection, conscious consumption, or global problems of the third world.  Global issues sensitize people and involve workers in fields far from everyday labour and hence deliver new, interesting information for workers of multinational companies. Additionally, workers are prepared to manage the variety within the company. As a part of our service, we offer volunteer possibilities for the participants at our co-organizations.

Duration of the project:

4-6-hour workshops on topics required


Reasonableness of the project:

We observed that organizing trainings-CSR programs is a challenge for HR departments due to the low interest of employees in these issues. Financial motivation effaces other motivation tools. Varied environment is able to produce higher fellowship cohesion and more effective work. As a result, Cromo combines trainings and motivation of the workers with CSR programs.

Expected impacts of the project:

A general aspect of the company is the acceptance and respect of variety, atypical groups and phenomena, such as different ways of work or world view. Atypical employment can be introduced easier. Environment conscious attitude (printing, office costs, consumption, healthy life style) becomes dominant resulting in cost reduction. Sick leave in the company decreases due to healthier and more conscious life style. Employees are more motivated in their jobs as they can utilize their knowledge and professional experiences as volunteers at organizations offered by Cromo.


Business benefits of the project in a narrower sense:

1. Increasing willingness to trainings, increasing high-quality volunteership

2. Improvement of the motivation system, more productive employees with improved motivation, fewer HR tasks

Business benefits of the project in a wider sense:

1. Increasing appreciation of the company

2. Employees spread honour of the company

3. Global partnership becomes preferable for employees

4. A responsible company appeal to aware clients and talent workers